Samstag, 4. März 2017

AC #206: PIGGY BANK | time-out

For this 206th of Art Challenge dear Carole is our host {thank you, Dear!}

I have two of them: a birthday gift last year to safe money 
(my friends made a nicely start!) for a special trip to Italy and another for the whole family, 
which is a sweet present by my dear friend Azalee from the banks of the River Nile.

Sometimes a focus is needed to arrive the goal. 

Pastel pink flood at the bank. Pie in the sky. Oil crayon 15/20cm canvas covered board

 And hopefully, when time comes, a warm rain of money will flood the bank
(at the Castle of the Eisenbach) finally.

I /we still have to fight for the reparation because of the fire two years ago.
Still working on our Castle at the Eisenbach... new curtains, new lamps, new color on the walls
(maybe F&B Parma Gray for the kitchen, in contrast with warm wooden floor)... a.s.o.

I have done 201 themes of these Art Challenge... former Drawing Challenge, today. 
{Thanks again to initiator Elisabeth Bucht aka Garnapa in January 2011!}

It was really a challenge to me and I can still remember my trembling hands when posting
the very first one – and the following. It was really a task and a joy and it turns out as a
true therapy for my inner artist! I love, that there is no winner but all of us! 

I got to know new friends through the Drawing Challenges and met (and will meet!)
them in real life. It was so very familiar through our wonderful art
and the our lovely comments, true LOVE!

It has been a honor to organize most of them with your support, dear friends! 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart! But now, with a heavy heart, 
I have to take a time-out here at Rose and the Art Challenge.
To whom I can pass the relay?

There are other project I wanna focus on and
we will see us further on at IG and FB 
for a quick glimpse...
So long!
LOVE, Ariane.

Mittwoch, 1. März 2017

Blue hour (Hello March!)

La Luna and Venus
shine down on first paddler
at the blue hour

PS: Carole Reid is our hostess 
for this weekend's Art Challenge with 

Samstag, 18. Februar 2017


I take the TROPICS into 
the Castle at the Eisenbach, because Winter is long and my feet are cold. 

Looking for green!

In my invite for this Art Challenge I've told you, 
that I wanna draw again. So I've drawn with pencil and liked it a lot!

Then I've added that green circle of clear film and transformed 
it into a telescope, because I am in awe for the researchers of yesteryears: 
all those plant hunters! and travelers in former days, especially 

the female researchers! 
great artists like Maria Sibylla Merian or woman writer like 
Ida Hahn-Hahn, who traveled in the early 18th or 19th century.

And even today there are brave women, 
who leave their comfort zone to live passion, freedom and love.
Like my dear friend Azalee, my sister of the River Nile, who is now
partner of a newly opened up gallery of art in Khartoum, Sudan. 
{Congrats, Dear!}

Wanna see more of TROPICS? 
Then, please travel to these artist:

UPDATE: and Pieterbie!

Thank you for playing!


No. 204 PILLOW

*No. 205 TROPICS
today, here at Rose

Carole Reid will be our host
at the first weekend of March.
Is there a host for the
next weekend?

Wish you a happy day!

Love, Ariane. Rose

Sonntag, 12. Februar 2017

Palm house and an invite for the next AC (#205)

"Guten Tag, können Sie mir bitte sagen,
wie kalt es draußen ist?"
– "Schätzungsweise -2°C.  Jedenfalls so kalt, 
dass hier drinnen im Tropenhaus 
mein Objektiv beschlägt"

"Hello, could you please tell me, 
what temperature it is outside?"
– "About -2°C. According to my steamed over lens 
anyway here inside the palm house.

Es dauerte etwas bis ich realisierte, 
dass die Bewässerungsanlage lief, weil ich überhaupt nicht nass wurde. 
Wassertropfen, die auf große Blätter rauschen... 
das ist Musik in meinen Ohren!

It takes a while since I recognized, 
that the irrigation systems ran, because I stayed dry. 
Water drops, which are rushing on big leaves... 
that's music to my ears!

*Schuss | *Angle

You can find more photo of my visit in the palm house here.

Back in the Castle at the Eisenbach, I fell asleep. 
Sometimes taking pictures can be very exhausting! 
I wanna try to draw instead, next time...

 **Gegenschuss | **Reverse angle


 May I invite you to the next Art Challenge? My theme is 


at the 18th + 19th of February

Dear Carole will be our host for an AC 
at the first weekend of March

See you! Love,
Ariane. Rose

Donnerstag, 9. Februar 2017

Flower power and the mooon | next AC

Sonne und Mond guckten heute kurz vorbei.

Moon and sun came for a short visit, today.
It's very cold outside, but I can hear the Spring, already.

Carole will be our host for the Art Challenge at
the first weekend of March (thank you, Dear!)
Is there someone who will host the weekend before?

Ariane. Rose

Sonntag, 5. Februar 2017


We nestled in mother nature's bosom
(at Friday in the palm house)
  Bee and me

because life sometimes runs out-of-balance

one need a soft pillow
(all the more when ill)

(or simply on Sundays)

Stefanie Seltner is our host 
for this Art Challenge No. 204 
and her theme is PILLOW. 

Sorry, I am late... 
an ill daughter and life... oh, you know. 
I have drawn my PILLOWs with ink and colored them 
with oil pastels. For more PILLOWs, please go to 
Stefanie's cosy place. Thank you for hosting, Süße!
Wish you a cosy day!

Thank you for your visit ✨

Love, Ariane. Rose


*No. 204 PILLOW at Stefanie Seltner's
at the first weekend of February

Who is our host for No. 205?